Finding the Best Version of Myself

My Yoga Journey

Having worked out religiously for years, I continually struggled with how I looked and felt about my body. I never felt fit or healthy enough, and my battle with food, exercise and body image completely consumed me.

In 2011, I walked into a yoga class, and walked out with an amazing feeling that I’d never felt before. Immersing myself in the teachings and practice of yoga, I realised I had finally found something that allowed me to switch off, learn about myself, change my internal dialogue, and challenge myself physically – all at the same time.

Four years later, an accident meant that I had to have surgery to put my kneecap back together, meaning that I went from wanting to do every yoga pose, to wanting to be able to just sit with my legs crossed. The yoga I’d taken for granted was the focus of my recovery, and twelve months of being unable to do a physical yoga practice gave me a deeper level of gratitude for my body and my yoga.

My love of yoga and passion for helping people lead me to become a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2019, with a focus on ensuring that my yoga practice was accessible and inclusive for all. As I had to adapt my yoga practice, my past experiences have driven me to always teach yoga in a way that means it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, whatever their situation might be. I believe that yoga is a gift that everyone can benefit from, and I can’t wait to show you the benefits of connecting mind, body and breath in improving mental and physical well-being, too.

Much love, Martyn

Martyn Hickson

What They Say

Martyn is a fabulous teacher! So full of positivity and encouragement. I highly recommend his yoga classes!


I’ve been attending Martyn’s yoga classes for over a year and look forward to it every week. I leave the class feeling energized and grounded. Martyn is a great teacher and has helped me to develop my practice and grow my confidence.


I love Power Flow classes with Martyn - I get to build strength while deepening the connection with my mind, body and breath. The savasana really chills me out. Amazing!